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Create your dream dresses and costumes with Theresa!

Do you have an idea for your dream wedding gown? Or maybe the perfect New Year’s Eve Dress? Maybe you have a particular body type and it’s a challenge to find the right fit? Or a costume in mind that you would love to have?

Theresa's Creations & Costumes located in Clearwater, FL, is the custom dressmaking service for you. Hi, I am Theresa Eshtamoa, and I am a fourth generation Dress Designer and Dressmaker and has honed in my expertise to be able to bring your vision to life. I have worked with many wonderful people in the fashion industry and have been recognized for my work by Craig Taylor and worked with a number of celebrities


Some of my expertise includes:


If you can dream it, I can create it. Contact Theresa’s Creations for more information!


For Your Special Day

From one-of-a-kind wedding dresses to stunning bridesmaids dresses, visit my Wedding Gallery

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Perfectly Tailored

Round out your special day with tailored Tuxedoes & Suits Gallery. 


Time to Make-Believe

From Halloween to Masquerades, I love creating unique costumes. Visit my Costume Gallery

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Closet Essentials

Your go-to daily wear! Wear them longer, wear everyday.

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Shine at Night

Shine at your special event. View my Evening Gown and Prom Dress Gallery. 

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